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Updated: Mar 23

There's this certain feeling of warmth and comfort when we get to reminisce about the moments that marked a spot on our hearts. Truly, it feels good to look back at the old times and appreciate the impact it had in our lives, may it be big or small. TEDxUPLB is a treasure trove not only of ideas worth sharing but also of wonderful memories. Before we take the leap with Sign of the Times this year, let us revisit how the TEDx platform flourished in the Los Baños community.

In the year 2013, the first TEDx event in Los Baños was organized by a group of professors from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). With a license granted by TED, the independently organized event was named TEDxUPLB. The theme was "Power to the People," and it was held at the NCAS Auditorium.

Then in 2018, TEDxUPLB became a student-led event spearheaded by three recognized organizations from UPLB: the UP Model United Nations, UPLB Grange Association, and the UP Community Broadcasters' Society Inc. The second TEDxUPLB event happened at the CCDL Auditorium, UP Open University. This showcased how grand ideals rooted in laid-out plans are relevant through the theme "Blueprints."

The following year, ideas that deviated from the status quo was the goal of TEDxUPLB 2019 with the theme, "Deviate." This event was one for the books because this was the biggest audience of TEDxUPLB to date. Having been attended by more than 600 participants, the DL Umali Auditorium served as the event's venue. Aside from this, two Salons took place, which tackled up-to-date ideas and agriculture.

Ideas about love filled the air last February at the CDC LR1 with its latest salon installment entitled," Love, TEDxUPLB P.S: Through the Spectrum and Beyond!" With that event, TEDxUPLB achieved another feat for the record of being the largest TEDx Salon event in the Philippines! How cool is that?

TEDxUPLB is more than just an event recognized for its powerful talks. It is also something being held dear by people. After all, the aforementioned events would not come into fruition without the community of people that advocates for the same goal: to share ideas worth spreading. To make the trip down memory lane more nostalgic, we have asked some people who played a crucial role in building TEDxUPLB to what it is today to share their fond memories, and impart how the platform created an impact in their respective lives.

What is your most memorable TEDxUPLB experience?

How did TEDxUPLB create an impact on your life?

Looking back to their stories, TEDxUPLB has surely been an avenue where people could not just learn together, but also where personal growth can blossom and see its way even into the future. It is truly inspiring to see these lovely memories and we cannot wait to create more amazing ones with you as we welcome TEDxUPLB 2021: Sign of the Times on May 2, 2021. Let’s have a little throwback again some time. You could always share your favorite TEDxUPLB moments with us!

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